Our courts can be booked via the Playtomic booking platform. Download the Playtomic app (iOS/Android) or visit Playtomic.io. There will also be group classes, such as the Intro to Padel and Open Social sessions, available to book in the Academy section of Playtomic.

At full price, our courts cost £54 per hour, which works out at £13.50 per person.

During semi-off-peak hours, it drops down to £48 per hour, or £12 per person.

During off-peak hours it’s £36 per hour, which works out at £9 per person. You can book as a group, or individually (and be matched up with other players, or add friends at a later date).

Cancellations can be made at any time up to 24 hours ahead of the booking time, with a full refund. Otherwise, the booking will be charged in full. The cancellation must be made via the Playtomic app.

In adverse weather conditions, the player should contact the venue directly to check if play is possible. The venue and its coaches will make the final decision. If the court is deemed unplayable, (lightning or very high winds), cancellation with a full refund will be applied.  

Yes, you can either book on to an existing Open Match with other players or start an Open Match yourself for others to join.

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