Jesper Konstantinov


Having lived and worked in London for 11 years, Jesper knows what it takes to launch a venture here. An entrepreneur, he has always worked in operations and as founder / COO of Urban Deli he built a strong brand with multiple venues and strong customer loyalty. Jesper launched a youth training program that ensured youth without prior work experience could get their first job at Urban Deli. Urban Deli had 400 employees with the youth category nearly 3 times bigger than industry standard.

We believe the key to launching padel as an urban sport is in ensuring the product and experience caters specifically to the busy urbanite. Something we find lacking in how this emerging market has developed in the UK so far.

The marketing strategy, technical platform and unique venues we are bringing to the market will ensure that we reach the right clientele whilst creating an urban meeting point for positive social interaction in the hectic urban UK scene.

The social sports society multi sport concept Jesper and his team has developed is built on the same strategy and will ensure the social sports society redefines the way we look at and interact with urban sports.

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