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We work with Brands Sports Clubs Coaches Councils Educators Events Investors Landowners Non-profits

We see potential where others see dust and ‘vacant’ signs.

We see teammates where others see troubled youth.

By filling unoccupied urban spaces with proven sport and leisure concepts, we gather people together from different backgrounds and ages under the same roof.

No space is too small or too big for us to fill.

Our partners include


We are partnering with major brands from across sport, leisure and entertainment, among other sectors. From collaborating on social impact projects to sponsoring events or advertising at our venues.

If our values and objectives have sufficient alignment we’re Interested in discussing opportunities to succeed together.

Sports Organisations

We are working with sports organisations from governing bodies to grass-roots clubs and teams. We work together to design our venues, provide training facilities and collaborate on social impact projects such as our coaching education for youth-at-risk.


We are providing professional coaches with venues to deliver high-quality training. We’re partnering with sports coaches who will train the sports coaches of the future, through high-impact initiatives.


We can operate in any urban city or rural area and create destination venues by activating any dormant area, short or long-term, and even as a pop-up operation. ‘Dead’ spaces can now be profitable, and local communities can be enriched before a new development has even broken ground.


As part of our Sports to Schools Proposal, Social Sports Society are proposing to offer local schools a free sports facility. If the school or local government can provide space, we can manage and finance the installation of a free sports facility. A school would be able to offer students free use of the facility during any hours they choose. We would then utilise the space in the remaining hours.


We bring fun and fresh spaces for non-sports activities and events at our venues wherever possible. From local community groups to events companies; from sport to art and music – if your events are socially inclusive, fun and align with our values let’s talk.


We are a privately funded, impact-led business for good. While we are carefully selecting potential investors for our major projects, we are open to speaking to investors who share our values and vision.


Social Sports Society has a unique portfolio of sport and leisure activities capable of activating any urban real estate – from 3,000sqft up to 250,000sqft, from one week to permanent sites. By activating empty and unutilized spaces, we drive traffic and create revenue for landlords while giving back to society through sport.


We deliver positive societal benefits through our projects, impact initiatives and general operations. However, while we will lead and deliver certain elements, we are an enabler for those who can best serve our communities’ needs we always collaborate with established organisations who know better than us!

The way we activate underused spaces in urban locations ensures that many different stakeholders will benefit.

We want brands that can grow with us, either as part of our portfolio or through strategic partnerships.

Our projects & programmes offers local companies an easy way to support the local community.


We propose to use a modular building structure where an existing structure does not exist. Spreading out the environmental footprint across the life span of the component parts. Our modules for temporary venues are reusable and movable,


Physical activity in a social setting is a sound foundation for a healthy society. We are on a mission to improve mental and physical health by bringing people back together physically throughout the local community.


While every site has a strong local organisation, our UK management team has the experience, contacts, and resources to help each site develop and reach its potential.

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WE see this

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