Joakim Karlsson

Lead investor / board member

Joakim’s business Acumen speaks for itself, having managed one of Europe’s biggest private equity funds.

An avid padel player, he regularly clocks 6 hours of padel a week.

Joakim is not only a seed investor but will also sit on the board of the Swedish holding company. His focus will be ensuring the business has the finances required to grow and take a strategic position in the UK market and other markets we choose to enter.

Having managed the nordic capital portfolio gives Joakim an extremely broad experience in acting as a mentor to founder Jesper Konstantinov.

Now running a private investment business, Joakim’s love of sport is reflected in the portfolio as it includes Spanish football club Vélez CF as well as a stake in a Swedish boutique gym, currently planning to open a combined gym and padel venue.

Joakim is also chairman of IFK Lidingö football club with 3100 active players and 600 coaching staff, the club focuses on youth football and the seniors are playing in the 2nd division.

In ManagementCommittee

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