Kishor Harsiani

Chief Financial Officer

Kishor is a dynamic and seasoned executive with over two decades of robust experience in leading global multinational organisations. His journey through diverse countries and cultures has honed his ability to lead teams effectively and deliver impressive outcomes across various industries and business sectors, including Business Development, Finance, IT, and Health & Safety..

As a recognised speaker, Kishor shares his deep insights on a range of subjects, demonstrating thought leadership through real-world examples. His commitment to sustainability is evident in his work on monitoring global frameworks, focusing on critical issues like diversity, energy, and water conservation.

Kishor’s expertise extends to aiding SMEs, where he has been instrumental in driving growth and resilience. His knack for appraising developments and orchestrating finance has facilitated numerous property development projects from inception to completion.

A staunch advocate for informed decision-making, Kishor empowers boards with thorough analyses to mitigate risks while emphasising the importance of humour in strategy execution. His ability to re-engineer systems, processes, and teams aligns organizations with their objectives in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Beyond his professional achievements, Kishor is a fitness enthusiast and a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer. His passion for sports, particularly tennis and golf, reflects his belief in the power of physical well-being in achieving personal and professional success. Now, at the helm of a Social Sports Society as CFO which also embraces sports like bouldering, hockey, amongst others, Kishor is set to infuse his wealth of experience and innovative approach to propel the company to new heights.

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