Joakim Karlsson

Joakim’s business Acumen speaks for itself, having managed one of Europe’s biggest private equity funds. An avid padel player, he regularly clocks 6 hours of padel a week. Joakim is not only a seed investor but will also sit on the board of the Swedish holding company. His focus will be ensuring the business has […]

Sally McGuckin

Sally is joining us from On Purpose, the multi-award-winning Social Enterprise and will be leading on the delivery of our social impact and ESG priorities. Before Joining On Purpose Sally was a civil servant where she gained skills in analysis, strategy development, stakeholder management and sustainable policy making. Sally is a big believer in the […]

Luka Pejcic

Luka is an outgoing person who is always looking for a challenge and a way to improve. This has lead him to London to study business management with a focus on operations. His passion for entrepreneurship has always been a driving factor for him. The exposure to the know-how of a business has resulted in […]

Marc Baum

Founder/Owner Barworks, Camden Town Brewery, East London Liquor Co

Matthey Kay

Former Commercial Director Of Football IMG, 1st Employee CAA Sports UK

Jacob Dalbord

Former CEO President Bonnier Books, Investor, Board Professional